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Welcome to Qi beauty education. If you’ve found us, it shows you are searching for more than the traditional aesthetic treatment. It shows you want to understand the fundamentals of treating skin from a quantum perspective.

The Qi beauty practitioner views skin in 4D to influence multiple processes at one time. We are a solution to sustainable skin health recovery without trauma. Qi beauty leaves a permanent impression on the behaviour of skin.

Qi beauty™ Practitioner Certification

The Qi beauty™ Method began in 2003 by Qi beauty founder quantum practitioner and educator, Kathy Pedersen. The Qi beauty™ method takes a quantum view of skin with holistic methodology for true skin repair. Qi beauty certified practitioners deliver exceptional results with non-invasive and no-trauma to accelerate repair and accumulate health.

About Kathy Pedersen

Qi beauty creator and founder

Gold Coast, Australia

Qi beauty founder, quantum practitioner and educator, Kathy Pedersen, first studied skin therapies in 1978 in Melbourne, Australia. Ten years later she merged her skin science knowledge with Acupuncture theory and Quantum Physics when she and her husband expanded their natural therapies clinic to include multi disciplined Practitioners to offer Advanced Natural Therapies such as AK, Acupuncture, Biological Ageing Programs, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Vibrational Therapies, Musco-Skeletal Modalities and Integrative Medicine. 

Kathy began working with Static Magnetic Fields (SMF) in 2003 with the intention to create a Quantum therapy kit people could use at home to provide a metabolic treatment for advanced skin repair and anti-ageing. Meticulous by nature, she burned the midnight oil most days to design, trial, redesign and retrial variations of micro-magnet Technology to action levitation and metabolism of bio-fluids. The process was to take three years to launch the Qi beauty Home Kit which she now refers to as Pro-Ageing. 

Confirmation of Kathy’s theory of SMF and manipulating gradients ignited deeper creativity to develop a clinical treatment using the same Technology to form connections of conductivity over the skin to invigorate the extracellular matrix. She called the various patterns she went on to develop a Matrix to represent the methodology of Qi beauty.

From Home Kit to the Qi Beauty Anti-Age Matrix took two years. She then went on to develop different protocols for advanced skin repair for scars, skin grafts, nerve damage, bells palsy, wound recovery, rebuilding skin post trauma and positive ageing. 

Kathy teaches Dermal Therapists, Aestheticians, Acupuncturists and Skin care therapists Qi beauty Practitioner Protocols bridging the gap between beauty and wellness, educating research and practice in the field of quantum mechanics, specifically Static Magnetic Influences on cellular kinetics. 

The expansion of Qi beauty into the hands of Qi beauty Practitioners internationally supports Kathy’s endeavours in educating and giving access to everyone for healthy, energetic aging and mindful, conscious living.